30 Hot Selling Items for 2018/ Never throw out. HOT SELLING ITEMS IN 2018. in Boston


Never throw out or give these away.

30 hot Items worth GOOD MONEY in 2018.                     
Call Ken @ 508-943-0751, Market Price Value’s. 
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1) Toys, G.I. Joes, Star Wars, Masters of Universe, Hot Wheels ( 1970 to 1985)
2) Furniture, Mid Century furniture ( 1960’s to 1975).
3) Costume Jewelry ( 1950’s to 1980’s).
4) Stamp Collections ( 1800’s to present).
5) Coins even wheat pennies.
6) Signs ( wood, metal, plastic).
7) Books ( 1800’s to present day).
8) Ceramic Vases & Tea Sets. ( all years & countries)
9) Music Instruments ( all Ages & Conditions)
10) Vintage Womens & Mens Clothes ( all clothes 1920’s to 1950’s).
11) Vinyl Records 33, 45’s ( Jazz, Opera, Rock’n Roll, many other’s)
12) Linen’s and Towels ( all kinds and hand made quilt’s).
13) CB Radio’s and parts for CB radio’s.
14) Electronic’s, Radio’s, Turn tables, transistor radio’s (1920’s to 1960’s).
15) Tools, hand tools American made big sellers.
16) Kitchen Knifes especially American made and German Made.
17) Riding Lawn Mower’s and Snow blowers.
18) Pocket Watches, gold, stainless steel and others.
19) Pocket Knifes especially USA made.
20) Military clothing any type. (1800 to Present Day).
21) Perfume Women’s & Men’s (1920’s to 1980’s).
22) Old Post Cards (1800’s to 1970’s).
23) College Graduation Material. (1800’s to 1960’s).
24) Black and White photo album’s.
25) Gun’s & ammunition. (We have permit’s & FFl )
26) Hunting & Fishing Equipment ( All type’s)
27) Rug’s (wool, handmade, oriental).
28) Comic books ( 1800 and up).
29) Art Work ( all types sketch, oil, prints)
30) Hand Made Wall décor. 
31) NEED HELP IN SELLING YOUR ITEMS, NO COST OR OBLIGATION TO speak to Auctioneer Ken Brooks for the best way to move your items for the most MONEY. Worcester 508-943-0751 and Boston & Metro 978-667-4149. Thank you, Ken.f customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. Sellitmoveit=Estate Sales Service. in Boston